Stuart Zeh, co-founder Brilliant Leap

Stuart Zeh, co-founder Brilliant Leap

Virginia Backaitis, co-founder Brilliant Leap

Virginia Backaitis, co-founder Brilliant Leap

Our History

Some people change jobs, others take a Brilliant Leap.

We've taken a few of our own. The first was when we left an internationally-known executive search firm for which we worked for 32 years ago, and started what is now our parent company, Selective Search.

Looking back on it now, the leap was a big risk. We were in our mid-twenties, had only a few years of experience, and were unaware of the barriers we might encounter while trying to build relationships with  managers at Fortune 100 firms. But while we were naïve, we were also enthusiastic, open-minded and lucky; lucky because we had access to some of the big business thinkers of the day and their confidence in our abilities has still never waned. They taught us, not through workshops, but through mentoring us through our own real-life experiences, how obstacles could lead to opportunities, how beginning with the end in mind would lead to right, honest relationships, and why winning in business creates wealth rather than losers.

It is that early learning that continues to guide us today. Trust, respect and mutual satisfaction remain the cornerstones on which our businesses are built. One assignment, one transaction, one engagement at a time, we provide the sure-footed processes our business partners need to make their own brilliant leaps, however they may define them.

One other thing you may want to know is that we're a small firm by intent; it allows us to be nimble. There's no board we need to pitch before introducing a new specialty. There's no fancy formula we need to adhere when setting the rate for a consultant.

We follow three simple rules: our client companies and the talent we place have to win as a result of our efforts; we won't do business with anyone we wouldn't work for ourselves; and we place only those professionals who have exceptional references from previous employers and/or customers.

How well have those rules worked for us? Over eighty per cent of our business is done with previous customers. Most of the hiring managers we work with are people that we placed at once during their careers. More than twenty-five percent of our business comes from referrals.

And while it may seem like we're bragging, what we're saying instead is that we work within a community that works. That's a joy.

If you want to find out more about us and your needs fall within our areas of specialty, let's connect to see if a relationship makes sense.