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Impressed by your optimism which you haven't been quick to leverage. I don't think much has changed when it comes to practicalities. I think the future is very much wait an see.

On the other hand, I don't think Documentum ever really lost the short list. They may have had issues closing, but they were still very capable when most of their competition was floundering the same way.

Regardless,myou make great points and EMC is very much worth watching in 2012.



The reason I'm optimistic is this: When a customer looks for an ECM solution, certain functionalities must be present otherwise the end-user (who most often sponsors and pays for projects) isn't willing to consider the vendor.

Documentum now has all the "must-have's" for a Q1 2012 ECM vendor AND case management solutions which can leverage insights gained from Big Data. The latter, at least as of now, could be a huge differentiator.

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